Abbe FariaAbbe Faria: The Master Hypnotist Who Charmed Napoleon Click for larger image
Diogo Mesana Fernandes
Published: 2006
Ritana Books
300 pages, Rs 495/-
ISBN 81-85250-38-3

Jose Custodio de Faria later known and became famous as Abbe Faria was born in Goa on 31st May 1756. He died in Paris on 20th September 1819. His father Caetano Victorino de Faria and mother Maria de Sousa of Candolim village, in Goa, India were progressive parents who separated after obtaining church dispensation. The father joining the seminary to complete his studies for priesthood and mother joining the St Monica Convent in Goa, where she rose to the position of prioress.

Abbe Faria was one of the pioneers of the scientific study of hypnotism. Faria claimed that hypnosis worked purely by the power of suggestion, a thesis which is now accepted throughout the world.

He discovered the scientific explanation for hypnotism and clairvoyance. He was also the first to propose a psychological theory for explaining the phenomenon of somnambulism, giving the therapeutical suggestions in a really extraordinary manner.With this new contribution to the development of medical science, he was made a Member of the Medical Society of Marseilles, which was quite an achievement at that time, considering that he was not a medical person.

When Napoleon Bonaparte came across his book THE CELESTIAL SECRETS he was impressed. He summoned Faria to learn the truth about the esoteric science and to derive for himself the benefits of Faria's vast knowledge. That is how Faria became a trusted counsellor and friend of Napoleon.

Abbe Faria was one of the most extraordinary human beings whose uncanny power of hypnotism and clairvoyance provided him with miraculous insights that went far beyond the realm of reality.

This special edition biography is being published on his 250th birth anniversary as a tribute to the work of Abbe Faria - one of the greatest Indian hypnotheraphist.

Diogo Mesana Fernandes

Courtesy:  Goanet

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