De La Cause Du Sommeil Lucide

Eye Witness Accounts

The New York Times Book Review (1907)

The Revolutionary Abbot

Abbe Faria and the Conspiracy of 1787

English Summary






 A compendium of articles, photographs, etc. . . .


Jose Custodio de Faria, The School of Nancy and Sigmund Freud by Hannes Stubbe

Abbe Faria (1756-1819) in Scientific and Fine Arts Literature by Chirly dos Santos-Stubbe

Abbe Faria by Shridhar Sharma, M.D.

The Virtual Abbe Faria by Luis S.R. Vas

Abbe de Faria - Father of Hypnotism by Nandkumar Kamat

The Enigmatic Faria by Maria-Suzette Fernandes-Dias

Abbe Faria Anniversary: Govt. Snoozes by Paul Fernandes

The Father of Hypnotism by Alfredo de Mello

Hypnosis and Abbe Faria by Luis S.R. Vas

The Forgotten Goan Pioneer by Isabel S.R. Vas

Reclaiming Faria by V.M. de Malar


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